Wine Opener – Different types and other useful information


Some of us face difficulty in opening the wine bottle. The wine opener is used to open the wine bottles. This is because wine bottles don’t come with the twist off bottle cap. While some people open up the bottle using their teeth but people who face difficulty in opening the bottles, they use best wine opener.

Types of Wine Openers

There are many types of devices designed for the purpose of removing a cork from bottle.

Here are some kind of wine openers.

The waiter corkscrew: This opener comes with the knife edge. This opener gets this name because many waiters carry this opener, armed with the ability to open bottle which comes to the table.

The screw pull corkscrew: It looks like clothespin works as clockwise twisting. Allows the cork to be pulled out with ease.

 The winged corkscrew: Winged corkscrew gets its name because it appears like one, it has wings, with two parts of it and it stuck in the cork. When wings pushed down they work pulling out the cork.

Ahso: It comes in the category as corkscrew but it is not one. It looks like two prolonged device and acts like the seesaw motion to remove the cork from bottle.

Where you can buy a wine opener

Internet is the best source to buy a wine opener as you can see variety of corkscrew and compare the prices from other openers.

Those who don’t do online shopping have options to buy it from local accessory store, grocery stores and wine store. Most of the liquor stores sell best wine opener.

Openers can differ greatly in price, some opener costing to Rs 100 to Rs 1000. Most of the opener are been purchased by restaurants for opening wines while serving to their customers. This is a good investment for them.