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I have just installed Ubuntu MATE 21.10 and discovered two interesting packages which contain snapd in the name - gir1.2-snapd-1 and libsnapd-glib1:

$ dpkg -l | grep snapd
ii gir1.2-snapd-1:amd64 1.58-0ubuntu2 amd64 Typelib file for libsnapd-glib1
ii libsnapd-glib1:amd64 1.58-0ubuntu2 amd64 GLib snapd library

Both came from snapd-glib package.

Removal of them will ruin the system as follows:

$ sudo apt autopurge gir1.2-snapd-1:amd64 libsnapd-glib1:amd64
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
apturl* apturl-common* ayatana-indicator-sound* bluez-cups* cups* cups-browsed* cups-core-drivers* cups-daemon* cups-server-common*
gir1.2-goa-1.0* gir1.2-snapd-1* hplip* hplip-data* libcanberra-pulse* libcupsimage2* libgutenprint-common* libgutenprint9* libhpmud0*
libimagequant0* libpulsedsp* libsane-hpaio* libsbc1* libsnapd-glib1* libspeexdsp1* printer-driver-gutenprint* printer-driver-hpcups*
printer-driver-postscript-hp* printer-driver-splix* pulseaudio* pulseaudio-module-bluetooth* pulseaudio-utils* python3-dateutil* python3-debconf*
python3-olefile* python3-pil* python3-renderpm* python3-reportlab* python3-reportlab-accel* python3-software-properties* rtkit*
software-properties-common* software-properties-gtk* ssl-cert* ubuntu-mate-core* ubuntu-mate-desktop* ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk* update-manager*
update-notifier* update-notifier-common*
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 49 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
After this operation, 49,3 MB disk space will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] n

Is it possible to remove gir1.2-snapd-1 and libsnapd-glib1 packages without ruining the system?

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These packages are designed to allow applications to communicate with snapd. One accordingly would believe that these packages are not of any use of snapd is not anymore installed. However, in order for an app to be able to communicate with snapd, the app must be compiled with support for these libraries. These libraries thus become a hard dependency of these apps, and must stay on the system even if snapd is removed.

That is the technical reason. However, what functionality (non-snap) applications gain by being able to access snapd is unclear. All descriptions of what the libraries do boil down to

snapd-glib is a library to allow GLib based applications access to
snapd, the daemon that controls Snaps.

Possibly, these are what would allow these apps to access to the Snapd REST API in order to interact with snapd.

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