Friday, September 29, 2023
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I want F.lux enabled at all times, not only during the night.

I also installed Redshift, it has the same limitations of checking my latitude.

The Windows version of F.lux has always-on functionality, no idea why Linux doesn't.

How do I do this? Or
Is there another software I can use that darkens and eliminate the blue light from my screen?
I already did the Antarctica attitude trick, but I want something simpler and more reliable.

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And what exactly was your problem? I have Redshift enabled with custom values for day and night, but you could also set day and night to the same value, thus have the same setting all the time.

I see no differences here in configuring Redshift on Linux and f.lux on Windows, except that you can use a GUI on Windows which many users prefer over editing its configuration file/registry on Windows.

Example for the same value for day and night:

$ grep -v "^;" .config/redshift.conf 


Edit: transition=1 doesn't make much sense, probably set it to 0 when there is nothing to transition to, except when starting up.

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