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I'd really like to use the "ungoogled-chromium"-browser alongside firefox- but as a portable version. This mean: All the necessary files are stored in one folder and/or subfolders, so that I can move the folder whereever I want and run it from this location without losing the browser cache, settings and so on ..
For example to switch between ubuntu computers.

If you take a look on the download site, the linux download-file is already called "portable". But if I extract the file and run the browser, it creates folders in my user-directory for example in .config, .cache

I saw a post, where someone helped a user with creating a script, who wanted a portable version of chrome. Is something like this maybe also possible for this ungoogled-chromium..? Or another way? It would mean a lot to me :)

Thanks for any help or information anyway!

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AppImage aims to be an application deployment system for Linux with the following objectives: simplicity, binary compatibility, distro agnosticism, no installation, no root permission, being portable, and keeping the underlying operating system untouched.,the%20underlying%20operating%20system%20untouched.

Download here as an AppImage:

Download the latest version and run chmod +x /PATH/TO/ungoogled-chromium_<version>.AppImage, create a folder in the same directory as the AppImage named ungoogled-chromium_<version>.AppImage.home to store all the data in there instead of your home directory, then execute it.

Enjoy :)

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