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i have looked everywhere and im feeling hopeless

my file is this

 mkdir -p ~/Desktop/new_file && echo "helloworld > ~/Desktop/new_file.txt

I've also tried


hello ; world

I'm trying to accomplish a return signal to my hello world output for a multi line sentence all from the terminal

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The man page for echo shows the following:

Echo the STRING(s) to standard output.

-n do not output the trailing newline

-e enable interpretation of backslash escapes

If -e is in effect, the following sequences are recognized:


new line

Which means that if you want multi-line output, you would simply start with echo -e and would add in a
for new line.

mkdir -p ~/Desktop/new_file && echo -e "hello
world" >> ~/Desktop/new_file/new_file.txt

Hope this helps!

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