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I'm on Xubuntu 14.04. When I originally upgraded, I had the problem of both light locker and xscreensaver running simultaneously. After that was fixed, light locker has been running smoothly.

But, recently, I noticed my screen on after I was gone all day; it was on when I woke up the next morning; etc.

I tried changing settings, rebooting, looking for other screensaver-like processes, checking that the command args would update when I made changes in the settings UI, etc.

I can manually lock the screen with light-locker-command -l, but I don't remember to do that every time.

I wasn't able to find other askubuntu questions that address my situation.

Could there have been a problem with a recent update (I apply them appx. once/week)? Or, are there other things I should check?

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Switch to xscreensaver.

$ sudo apt-get remove light-locker
$ pkill light-locker
$ sudo apt-get install xscreensaver

Edit the screensaver settings (click yes/okay if asked to start the daemon):

$ xscreensaver-demo

Open the XFCE Power Manager ("Power Manager" from the "Settings" menu) and de-select "Handle display power management" in the "Display" tab.

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