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I tried installing FMRIB's FSL toolkit on Ubuntu 22.10. The downloaded runs absolutely fine without any errors, and clears both stages. It selects /usr/local/fsl as the default install directory. However, when trying to use FSL it is not detected. For instance, echo $FSLDIR returns nothing.I mean it literally returns an empty line. Anything else, including flirt -version and fsleyes simply returns a "not installed" message.

I couldn't find any record of this specific issue, so I figured asking here might help. If anybody has any ideas, you have my advanced gratitude.

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Okay, so after a bit of poking around I figured out what the problem was. It appears that you have to relog the shell every time you close your terminal window.

I have to redo the source ~./bash_profile command to get FSL up and running every time.

EDIT (Jan, 8, 2023):

This issue of having to relog the shell after exiting terminal has disappeared on its own with the latest version of FSL. Simply download the new installer and update FSL.

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