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While using Firefox on Ubuntu, I frequently run into warnings from various sites (recent examples: when checking gmail,, that inform me that I am using an outdated/unsupported version of Firefox. I also read somewhere ( I can't remember where ), that Mozilla no longer provides updates for Firefox on Linux, and indeed, there doesn't seem to be any way to update Firefox on Ubuntu. I have tried the most official looking ppa I could find, and that just never seems to have any activity. Also, there is no 'in-browser' option to update, like on Windows. So my question is, is there truly no way to update Firefox on Linux? I am assuming the answer is no for now. I also have to wonder, if this is indeed the case, why?! I also note that there is no warning to this effect on Mozilla's download page for Firefox on Linux, which seems off.

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Firefox gets updates from Ubuntu official repositories.

If you have a supported version of Ubuntu, you should have the latest version of Firefox with security updates.

If this is not the case, then you have an EOL version of Ubuntu, or you did something wrong that prevents regular updates.

You can install the latest Firefox version by running in terminal:

sudo apt-get install firefox

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