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How can I rename a log or error file to prevent overwriting?
I have a bash script that produces an output log file.
When re-running the script I want the old log files to be preserved by changing the name of the every logfile depending on the name of the last file created.
For example:

1st run: > log.file produces log.file1
2nd run: > log.file produces log.file2
3rd run: > log.file produces log.file3
Basically every run needs to check the last log file and count one up.

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Here is an example on how to do it using a loop in bash:

while [ -f $filename$i ]
i=$((i + 1))
filename=$filename$i > $filename

We will have i=1 and it will increment each time until a file named log.file$i is created. This way each time a new file is created the last value of i is appended to $filename and then used as the output file for the script.

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