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For a while now, I've been trying to think of a way to install some distro of Ubuntu on an old tower I have.

The tower is running dual Xeons, with a Quadros graphics card, 4GB RAM and SCSI type hard drives. It originally came with Windows XP installed, and might be 32 bit.

I attempted loading a Live image of Ubuntu 14.04, but it failed. I'm under the impression that 14.04 is too new for the machine.

Anyone have suggestions?

The machine in question is an IBM IntelliStation Z Pro, Type 6221-47U.
CPU: x2 Xeon 3.06 GHz
RAM: 2 GB DDR (1? 2?)
GRAPHICS: unspecified

It does have a DVD drive (two actually) so booting from a disc shouldn't be an issue. If I remember correctly, that's what I tried before.

A couple specific questions I have:

Does Ubuntu have any trouble handling multi-CPU systems, or should I expect it to work as normal?

Does Ubuntu natively support SCSI drives?

This machine will hopefully be used for a CNC mill control station, so it just needs basic functionality.

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You don`t want an old version, you just want a light version.

Old version have no updates or support (here or official) and the repository’s are off-line.

I would recommend Xubuntu or Lubuntu for your hardware, both are official Ubuntu, have light weight desktops (L is a bit lighter than X), they are modern and fast and designed for exactly your kind of dated hardware.

To answer your two direct questions in the edit

Does Ubuntu have any trouble handling multi-CPU systems, or should I expect it to work as normal?

If you are referring to physical chips, Ubuntu will handle them just fine.

Here is a question with a detailed answer on the subject of multi cpu.

Does Ubuntu natively support SCSI drives?

Yes it does there is a driver built right in to the kernel, should work out of the box on 14.04 or 15.10

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