Thursday, September 28, 2023
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I just installed Kubuntu on an Acer Aspire V3 netbook with a SSD using GPT and the following partition layout:

  • 1 MB unformatted partition with boot_grub flag,

  • 200 MB FAT32 partition with boot flag,

  • 2GB swap partition,

  • 20 GB ext4 partition,

  • 90 GB ext4 partition.

The netbook fails to detect my EFI partition. When I disable the secure mode I can access a menu for choosing a boot binary. The menu shows my SSD but no EFI partition on it.

I am only able to boot in legacy mode (using the BIOS partition).
Does anyone has the same netbook booting in EFI mode? What is your partition scheme?

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I finally solved the issue, Kubuntu is able to boot with the default UEFI firmware settings (no legacy mode, secure boot enabled). EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi needs to be selected once in the UEFI (press F2 during boot, set a supervisor password, then got to Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing and pick EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi). The password can be removed afterwards. Here some background information: SHIM (shimx64.efi) is a (Microsoft) signed binary used to call GRUB (grubx64.efi); GRUB then loads the Linux kernel. By the way when I boot in legacy mode Kubuntu is unable to shut down correctly and crashes every time I try to change the mouse settings; this is solved after switching to UEFI mode.

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