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I have lets say 90 HTML files and I have to put one new JS script link to head section each of them. Now, i could use some F&R engine of some code compiler


find: </head>
replace it with: link to JS script</head>

But I don't like this solution cause code is mess after that.

I was wondering - how can I use grep to insert new script link right before tag in all .html files in specific dir ?

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grep doesn't replace or modify files. Use sed:

sed -i 's|</head>|link to JS script</head>|' *.html

How it works

-i tells sed to modify files in place.

The most important sed command is substitute. It has the form s|old|new| where old is a regular expression. Here, we replace </head> with link to JS script</head>.

*.html tells sed to operate on all html files that the shell finds in the current directory.

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