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I would like to create a custom theme. Actually, this would be a modified Yaru theme.

I could change the headerbar main color, but I couldn't change the color of its buttons.

Original Yaru theme:

Original Yaru theme headerbar

Modified theme:

Modified Yaru theme headerbar

I would like to change the grey color of the buttons to a different color. How can I do that?

My operating system is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with GNOME 3.36.

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You can download and customize the Yaru theme from Gitub.

Here are instructions to get you started.

Install prerequisite packages to clone the repository and build the source files:

apt install libgtk-3-dev git meson sassc

Download the repository from GitHub, and then build and install the theme:

# You can get the master branch using:
# git clone

# You can get the branch for 20.04 using:
git clone --branch focal
cd yaru

# Initialize build system (only required once per repo)
meson build
cd build

# Build and install
sudo ninja install

To customize the theme, before building and installing, you will need to modify various files. Take a look at the files in these directories...



I won't be able to give you specific instructions, since this is a complex topic, and it all depends on what you want to change.

However, definately take a look at the _ubuntu-colors.scss files in the above paths, if you are just interested in changing some basic colors.

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