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I want to extract the IP and Port from a variable. I have tried to use this:


However, this assigns the entire address to both variables.

How can I store the the IP and Port to two variables?

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You got it wrong, has to be like this:


Since there is only one matching occurrence of : for IPv4, in this case it doesn't matter if you match first or last occurrence. However, in case of IPv6, it's best to match last occurrence for port. In addition, it seems you accidentally switched IP and PORT.

Also see here: Bash cheatsheet and Bash Hacker wiki

In short, substring removal works like this:

  • ${variable#pattern}: Remove from the beginning of string, first match

  • ${variable##pattern}: Remove from the beginning of string, last match

  • ${variable%pattern}: Remove from the end of string, first match

  • ${variable%%pattern}: Remove from the end of string, last match

It can be necessary to include wildcard (*) in the pattern if you want to match only part of a word, that is not separated by whitespace.

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