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The internet has not been helpful this time. I have a zip archive that also has a p7m extension. How can I lose that extension so that I can view the files? Any help is appreciated.

Than you!

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p7m is an encryption format that is often used for email attachments.

I was also not able to find a Linux tool that is able to open that file type after a quick google research. However, there exist some tools for Windows (e.g. Cryptigo p7mViewer) or OSX.

What you could try if you have no access to a computer running Windows/OSX is to install the Windows emulator wine and try to install a Windows viewer in there. I can't tell you whether this would work, but it is worth a try, if that file is important for you.

Another possible solution could be to install Claws Mail, a mail program for Ubuntu, and this plugin. I am not sure whether that allows you to view those .p7m files with that mail program either, I just got this hint from @Toroidal in the chat.

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