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I have gimp 2.10.30 on Ubuntu 22.04. Whenever I try to open an image outside my home folder it says Error opening directory '<directory>': permission denied.

When I right-click on the image and choose open with gimp, it says: Opening <image path> failed: Could not open <image path> for reading: No such file or directory. How can I solve this?

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I wouldn't go for using the snap version of GIMP. why? Well for a few reasons...

  • Snap is just janky and still has many compatibility issues.

  • It takes extra space and often most of the storage taken is a duplicate of other apt packages(i.e not needed).

  • It is extremely buggy compared to apt(As far as I have used it)

  • Snap works on the concept of containers (Think of them as little VMs for each app)

  • Due to this, many issues are present like the one you are facing.

I would recommend switching to the apt version of GIMP.

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