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I am a new user in Linux distributions, I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on my desktop and I am thinking to operate my laptop with 20.10. Am I going to have any issues with this choise (because I am noob on linux). Also, the 20.10 is not LTS, after the 9 months what? I can not update manually the system or there will be no updates?

Moreover, will I be able to easily move to the next LTS with a back up or something

Thank you in advance!

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As you are still "noob", I strongly recommend you to remain, for now, on the rock solid long term release edition, Ubuntu 20.04. This way, you will be able to remain on very stable ground while you are getting more familiar with Ubuntu. Functionally, differences between the 20.04 and 20.10 release are small, and not really worth the upgrade.

Upgrading between Ubuntu releases works good in a majority releases, but not uncommonly, small issues arise, the so called "upgrade pain". It is by far better to go to a new Ubuntu version through a fresh install, although that requires putting your data back and reconfiguring your system. Staying at 20.04, which is fully supported with bug and security patches for another five years, avoids both hassles.

If you do the upgrade, you will be required to upgrade every nine months or so. Interim versions have only a short support period. Staying on 20.04 will leave you at ease for up to five years with a system that is more stable and more error free than the interim releases.

If using newer application software is your concern, do not worry. You can do that safely on 20.04 as well. The browsers, Firefox and Chromium, are always updated to the latest versions on any supported release. Snap software, i.e., software distributed in a way that is less dependent on the specific linux version, gives you, out of the box, the ability to run newer versions of software on your trusted LTS operating system. (Somewhat) more experienced users can add newer versions through third party PPA's.

In summary, there are not much reasons to upgrade from the LTS release 20.04 to 20.10, especially if you are just a "user", and especially also if you are rather new to linux.

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