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I am running Thunderbird 68.10.0 on an Ubuntu 20.04 laptop. I frequently use "Open Message in Conversation" to few the entire conversation (thread) that an email is in. About one month ago Thunderbird started occasionally opening the wrong thread of emails when I asked it to Open the Message in Conversation. I am not sure how to start diagnosing the problem. What information can I provide here that would help identify and solve the problem?


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First thing to try is to click on the hamburger menu top right of TB then select File > Compact Folders to rebuild the structure.

If that produces no improvement then the next option is to rebuild the global-messages-db file.

To do this, close TB and locate and delete the global-messages-db file. This can be found in terminal by issuing the following command:

locate global-messages-db

This will find the file to delete: .thunderbird/<profile_name>/global-messages-db.sqlite. <profile_name> will likely be something like "1da3hf6z.default"

Restart TB and this will rebuild the file.


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