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I used Sound Juicer to rip a CD of audio for a language learning book so that I could listen to them on my Android. However, Sound Juicer seems to only have the option of numbering files without leading zeros. Like this:


This leads to some confused ordering on my music player. So, I want to add some zeros to the name, so that they're ordered properly, like this:


How do I accomplish this? I tried using GPRename, but while it has the ability to add numbers, it doesn't seem to have any options for adding leading zeros.

Is there a better program or something I can do at the command line?

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I'm assuming that you just need to rename the files 1-9, since those are the ones that need padding. There are multiple ways of doing this.

You can execute the below command:

for n in $(seq 9); do mv track_$n.mp3 track_0$n.mp3; done;

This will rename tracks track_1.mp3 - track_9.mp3 to track_01.mp3 - track_09.mp3.

To break it down, it looks like this:

for n in $(seq 9)
mv track_$n.mp3 track_0$n.mp3

  • for n in $(seq 9): for every number in the output of the command seq 9, which is a command that just lists numbers 1 to 9, do,

  • mv track_$n.mp3 track_0$n.mp3: this is the actual command that renames the files. It substitutes the value of n iterating through all numbers. So it does mv track_1.mp3 track_01.mp3, mv track_2.mp3 track_02.mp3, until that last number which is 9.

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