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I have a .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]

When I double click the .desktop file, I get There was an error launching the application.

my is:

xulrunner-sdk/bin/xulrunner-stub --app xulrunner-sdk/bin/application.ini 2>~log.log

Double clicking on and clicking run runs the application fine. Both and my .desktop are executable.

What do I need to change in my desktop file to make this work?

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%k is the desktop file path, use it with sh to relative .desktop:

  • Change current working directory (pwd), Then & commands inside all will run from there:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Run Me
    Exec=sh -c "cd `dirname %k`;"

  • Otherwise, passing it as parameter to and use it explicitly when you need inside


        [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Run Me
    Exec=sh -c "`dirname %k`/ `dirname %k`"

    $1/xulrunner-sdk/bin/xulrunner-stub --app $1/xulrunner-sdk/bin/application.ini 2>$1/~log.log

Reference: How can I set the 'Path' variable in a .desktop file to be relative to the location where the desktop file is located?

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