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I often use the command pygmentize to show color source files with code formatting. This works like a charm. I now also want to show line numbers like cat -n does.

I read around and found some suggestions like adding -O linenos=1 or -O linenos=True. None of this seems to work though.

Does anybody have any idea how I can show line numbers when viewing source files on the command line with pygments? All tips are welcome!

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You can add line numbers using perl like this:

pygmentize | perl -e 'print ++$i." $_" for <>'

Update (to alias the previous command):

To create an alias, just define the following bash function somewhere in your ~/.bashrc:

pyg() {
pygmentize $1 | perl -e 'print ++$i." $_" for <>'

Open a new terminal and call the command with pyg

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