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I want to use my Superkey for custom shortcuts. Sometimes it does not seem possible, if the key combination is already used by Unity.

For example, I want to set Super+a to switch to the window demanding attention. I set it in CCSM -▸ Extra WM Actions -▸ Activate Demanding Attention Window, but when I press it, the launcher opens in Application mode instead. Same thing with Super+f, it opens the Launcher in File mode instead of going fullscreen as I defined in Compiz.

I have read this article: Can I define keyboard shortcuts using the Super key? but there is no "Key to show the launcher" in 14.04, only a "Key to show the HUD when tapped", which I have already disabled. It shows up in the All settings -▸ Keyboard as well, also disabled. As I understand, the HUD is not the same as the launcher anyway.

Ideally I would like to keep the Super behavior (opening launcher) when pressed alone, but still have the ability to define my own Super+key combinations. I also want to keep Super+digit.

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The workaround I found is to disable the lens functionalities.

All the shortcuts I want to use are taken by lens shortcuts (Super+a for applications, Super+f for files), thus making them unusable for other functionality

I never use lenses anyway, and removing them frees the shortcuts:

$ dconf write /com/canonical/unity/dash/scopes "['home.scope']"

You can do this (and remove only some of the scopes/lenses if you wish) with dconf-editor, as per this and this posts.

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