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I am searching for a word, in this case "hehe" that is located in the file findTest

by using grep, but when i initiate the search:

grep -r "hehe"


grep -lr "hehe"

it starts but after 5 min waiting nothing happens, even if i am in the same directory as the file.
the only way i get a results straight away is being in the same directory and typing:

grep "hehe" findTest 

Are their any other ways to search for a word? even if not in the same directory.

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The grep command expects either a file (or, in the case of -r, directory) name or input from the standard input stream - it's just sitting waiting for you so supply one or the other.

As an alternative to typing the name of the current directory, you can use the shorthand . or ./ i.e.

grep -r "hehe" .


grep -r "hehe" ./

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