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I want to synchronize a directory on the server A to a server B.

On the server A I created a file rsyncd.conf with the content:

uid             = rsync
gid = rsync
use chroot = no
pid file = /var/run/

comment = share
path = /etc/dirtosync
read only = false
list = yes
hosts allow = *
auth users = rsync
secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

And I created on the server A the file /etc/rsyncd.secrets with the content:


I also created on the server A the pid file, and the user rsync with the password rsync.

On the server A, on the file: /etc/default/rsync I put the value RSYNC_ENABLE to true and I started the rsync daemon with the command:

/etc/initd/rsync start

On the server A and the server B the owner and the group of the directory is rsync.

I launched on the machine B the command:

rsync -avzr rsync@<serverA>:/etc/dirtosync/* /etc/dirtosync/

I also tried on the server A the command

rsync -avzr /etc/dirtosync/* rsync@<serverB>:/etc/dirtosync/

With this two commands the result is the same: the files are synchronized just one time when I launch the command but after if I modify the files in the server A they aren't synchronize to the server B

Do I have to do something else to keep the file synchronized?

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You misunderstand how rsync works. rsync does not automatically replicate changes - it is not like dropbox or similar software. rsync only synchronises files once each time it is run. If you want to synchronise more often, then put the rsync command in a cron script (eg. look in /etc/cron.daily). If you want something that automatically synchronises changes, like dropbox does, then look at a different project, such as Sparkle Share or ownCloud.

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