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SO guys I’m new in Ubuntu world,right now I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and I'm actually enjoying it, I'm coming from windows, so i want to ask u guys if there's any Ubuntu Book/pd f that could help me learn the Ubuntu terminal and their commands! Thanks in advance.

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Here is a book for you that I'm surprised no-one has mentioned so far: The Linux Command Line, A complete Introduction by William E. Shotts, JR.

It has only been recently published (a year or so ago) and it is wonderful for a newbie, as well as being inexpensive.

Look for online reviews. I think that you will progress faster with this book than mostly any other way.

Buy it, borrow it, or order it from your local/state/educational library.
It is so clearly written it wouldn't overload anyone's brain with an IQ over 85.
I keep mine with me in my shoulderbag and dive in whenever I feel like it.

I would also suggest sticking with 14.04 LTS and don't jump around all the other GNU/Linux distros till you learn it. That will save you loads of time and sensory overload till you're adept. 14.04 is probably close to being one of the best for the majority of people anyway. Hey, the command-line is such a wonderful thing. Stick to it and the love will come.
This is my beginner's advice as I'm on the path towards the light as well (a sophomore at best but enjoying the journey).

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