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As Ubuntu One has been shut down now, and the current build of 14.04 'Trusty' still comes with Ubuntu One (and U1 Music, etc with it):

  1. Would Ubuntu One come with the final release as well? Please check the Trusty Release Schedule; the Final Beta was released on March 27.

    If it does, I think it'd lead to a huge confusion for users, and also embarrassment for people like me who'd have to tell new migrants (from the Windows world) that this service has now been shut down.

  2. Also, as U1 is now dead, how would the users of the Phone version on Trusty sync their Contacts, Files, Music, etc?

  3. Would 13.10 LIVE DVD images also be updated to incorporate this change?

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Currently using 14.04 and it doesn't have any of the U1 services.If you are upgrading from previous versions, they should be removed.

2 About contact/email/storage/music syncing its already been answered here
Ubuntu one FAQs.

3 As 13.10 is not a LTS release, it will soon be dead. So the LIVE DVD images won't be updated.

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