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I have been dual booting Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10 on my Surface Pro 2.
But as the drivers on Ubuntu aren't that great for the surface, I decided to remove Ubuntu.

However they way I removed Ubuntu was to delete the partition from Windows and then expand the Windows partition to use all the storage.

When I restarted the computer it booted straight into a grub console (Minimal BASH-like) grub>

The problem is now I want to boot Windows 8 as that's the only operating system on the device right now. How can I do that ?

I have successfully booted a Ubuntu Live USB from that menu. I did that because I wanted to run boot-repair or lilo from within the live environment to be able to remove grub and get the MBR back. However none of that worked.

I now feel a little stock, and I'm out of ideas on what to do next.
Can I reinstall grub somehow so I can boot windows?


  • I don't think I can boot a windows recovery media as I'm not able to get anywhere else but to this grub menu. That means, no BIOS/EFI menus are accessible.

  • I can't resize the windows partition from Ubuntu as it keeps saying something about Windows is in hibernate mode, and therefore the partition can only be mounted as read only..

The screen I see when I boot looks like this:

enter image description here

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Just boot from Windows DVD and do a Startup repair.
On most of the systems repeatedly pressing F10 key brings up the boot menu. Give it a try.
A hiberated partition cannot be mounted. You have hibernated Windows 8 instead of shutting it down.

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