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I wrote a bash script for my use and it works. I want that script to be put in some server in my network and call that script in laptops / desktops in my network itself to execute. Any way I have made a way for that also as below.


  1. Install Apache web server in local server.

  2. Put the script in web server.

  3. Make the script executable chmod a+x.

  4. Open terminal in the client machine and install the package curl

  5. Now from the client terminal itself execute the command as:

    sudo curl -kL http://serverip/ | bash

It works fine but only problem is, in my script I have used User input commands like "read variable", that doesn’t work in this scenario. So how to do that is my problem.
Is there any way for me ?

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You can use:

bash -c "$(curl -kL http://serverip/"

This will run the script on the local machine. See also man bash to understand why I used -c option. Also double quotes are very important in this case.

Also, as @terdon said in his comment, sudo curl is pointless. If If the script needs local sudo permissions, you need to use sudo in front of bash command.

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