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Probably total noob question. I installed Ubuntu in a VMWare Player. Works fine. I usually work in terminal and didn't realise until today that I could use the Files icon to connect to my Windows host machine (and indeed my office network.) Fabulous!

But... then... how do I access these new shares from inside bash? From my default prompt, shouldn't I see some my-windows-share

OR do I need to mount these drives somehow 'manually' inside terminal? If so, how?

I see a number of answers regarding VirtualBox. Don't know if that applies to me. I guess I assumed that once I was connected via Files I would automatically be connected with Terminal.

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First you need to have samba and cifs-utils installed:

sudo apt-get install samba cifs-utils

Then use a Bash script to mount windows share folder in linux using samba:

$ mkdir /mnt/smb

$ touch

chmod +x

$ vi

Write the following into the file using vi:




USERNAME="samba user name"

PASSWD="samba password"


mount.cifs //$SERVER_IP/$SHARE_NAME /mnt/smb/ -o username=$USERNAME,password=$PASSWD,dom=$DOMAIN

Finally run the script to mount your Windows share and cd into the share:


$ cd /mnt/smb/

Another method that seems to me to be more straight forward and easier: It involves creating the mount point, editing fstab, and then mounting all filesystems in fstab with one command.

Make the folder:
sudo mkdir /mnt/myDirectory

Edit the fstab:
sudo vi /etc/fstab

Append the following to the fstab file:

//server/Share /mnt/myDirectory cifs domain=myDomain,username=myUserName,password=myPassword 0 0

Be sure to fill in all the appropriate information in place of those placeholders. And save the fstab file with wq for "write and quit."

Finally mount all the file systems listed in fstab:

sudo mount -a

Now you can verify that the share is available with:

ls /mnt/myDirectory

And you should see the files in the top level directory of the Windows Share.

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