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I am new to Ubuntu, I have just installed dual boot Ubuntu 12.04. I want to install android studio, but I don't really know how. I have downloaded the android-studio-bundle.tgz file and in the it is written to unpack the file in the appropriate location. I don't really know what appropriate location for my applications means. Can you please tell me where to unpack this file, or if this is the correct way of installing android studio?
also if you comment me a good guide or place to read about tips on ubuntu I would be very grateful, just to have general understanding of ubuntu.

main question: where should I unpack my android-studio-bundle.tgz file?

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The key parts of the question as I see them: user is new to Ubuntu/Linux, user wants a recommendation based off of best practices and basic user experience.

@luis-de-sousa was correct in pointing out the Ubuntu directory structure, but I used this reference from Official Sources.

If you want android-studio to be available to all users (based on the above) you should be unpacking the tar/tgz/zip to /opt rather than the /usr/local or /usr/bin (with the latter being preferred for specific-user installations). Setup properly, we shouldn't need to change user group permissions or any other high-level administration.

  1. Unpack the downloaded tar/tgz/zip file where it lays

  2. Using a Terminal window, navigate to that folder location (probably cd ~/Downloads), invoke sudo -i (You will need administrator/su permissions for the next few steps)

  3. mv android-studio /opt moves the files you unpacked (requires permissions)

  4. gedit android-studio.desktop this opens a text editor so that we may create a shortcut icon to open your new program. Insert the following code, then save the .desktop file.

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Android Studio
    Comment=Integerated Development Environment for Android

  5. To finish up, desktop-file-install android-studio.desktop

We are done with the terminal window, you can close it or exit That .desktop file now allows you to search for and find android-studio within Ubuntu's Unity interface (or whatever DE menu/dash you are using). In other words, click that icon in the upper-left to search for android-studio You may also right-click on the icon while it is running and "lock it to the launcher."

You can also create menu options to appear for your application launcher, see the Ubuntu Documentation on Unity Launchers.

Besides the in-text citations, I also referenced the following pages extensively:

How to install Eclipse?

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