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So I recently installed ubuntu and I have been working with it no problem.While browsing through the security guides (specifically: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity) I noticed this: "enable the firewall (sudo ufw enable) without further tweaks;" After some further reading I found out that ubuntu comes with the kernel firewall and ufw is just an easier iptables manipulator so why do I need to enable it without any tweaks?

Or am I completely wrong and there is another reason its required?

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I am no expert, just a user with some experience. I think you misread https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity/Firewall

iptables is a set of rules in a file which are the basis for what the firewall can/should do. The UFW program is a command line interface for interfacing with the firewall (enable, disable, status) and modifying the iptables rules without directly editing the iptables. GUFW is a HUI based program to do the same thing. When you run "sudo ufw enable" you are not turning ufw on, you are turning on the firewall.

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