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What command to use in the terminal to scan multiple pages? I normally use scanimage > myimage.pnm for 1 page scanning.

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The --batch* options provide the features for scanning documents using document feeders. --batch [format] is used to specify the format of the filename that each page will be written to. Each page is written out to a single file. If format is not specified, the default of out%d.pnm (or out%d.tif for --format tiff) will be used. format is given as a printf style string with one integer parameter.

  • --batch-start start selects the page number to start naming files with. If this option is not given, the counter will start at 0.

  • --batch-count count specifies the number of pages to attempt to scan. If not given, scanimage will continue scanning until the scanner returns a state other than OK. Not all scanners with document feeders signal when the ADF is empty, use this command to work around them.

  • With --batch-increment increment you can change the amount that the number in the filename is incremented by. Generally this is used when you are scanning double-sided documents on a single-sided document feeder.

  • A specific command is provided to aid this: --batch-double will automatically set the increment to 2. --batch-prompt will ask for pressing RETURN before scanning a page. This can be used for scanning multiple pages without an automatic document feeder.

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