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Is it possible to write a shell script that enables any user (may not be root) to set a message(e.g. "Download on progress do not turn off" etc.) which will be conveyed like pop-up message (zenity or notify-send) to all other users. If any user is not there at the time of throwing the message they must get it on login or unlocking their screen.

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Nice question. Will give just an half answer... just a seed to see if someone can prepare something starting on this. I have tested this in my system, two users (ubuntu and romano, the two administrators).

I go to a VC and log in as ubuntu --- then I run

sudo sudo -u romano DISPLAY=:0.0 zenity --warning

(the first sudo switch to superuser, the second sudo execute zenity as the user romano)

from a virtual console, the message will appear in "romano" graphical environment.

I suppose that with a bit of mangling the output of w to get the DISPLAY and the users and looping over them it would be possible to have a working solution. Non-graphical connected users can be informed using wall.

I see really difficult to do that without superuser privileges, tough.

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