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file-roller, xarchive, 7zip (with a tedious workaround) have the following workflow:

Extract the files in the folder containing myarchive without creating a folder myarchive and extracting into there.

Peazip, Winrar have the option to extract archive into a new folder named with the archive name.

Peazip is out of the question becuase it does not support implicit tar.gz archives.

  1. Is there an archive manager that support gz,tar,bz,rar and zip that integrates with the pcmanfm context menu that can extract into a new folder as specified?

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In Ubuntu a right-mouse-click (contexmenu) on a .bz .gz .7z .bz2 etc always unpacks to a folder in my experience. The program used is....fileroller.

Also take a look at this: Is there an 'Extract to...' context menu option for the Archive Manager application in Nautilus?

If all else fails: file-roller -h filename

the -h option forces the creation of a directory in which the files are unpacked. The name of the directory is the same as the archive name minus the filename extention. see: man file-roller

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