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I have a text file


I am trying to open them with Lynx. Here is the thesis.

I will store all of those links at a txt file, say links.txt and then I need to open them with Lynx and then terminate Lynx by using kill.

Here the code I wrote but its not correct

for i in links.txt
lynx $i
sleep 10
pkill lynx

Whats wrong here?

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After several iterations...

for url in $(cat links.txt); do
timeout 10 lynx "$url"

Lynx is blocking (and has to be to work) so sleeping doesn't work properly and it also tries to nab stdin which makes piping things "interestingly" difficult. See here for iterating lines in a file.

Lynx can be a bit annoying with its prompts for allowing cookies. You can either change its settings if it's a problem or you can pass in the -accept_all_cookies flag, like so:

for url in $(cat links.txt); do
timeout 10 lynx -accept_all_cookies "$url"

Today I learned about the timeout command, so I'm happy.

To print a status at the end, the only way I can see how is to check the URL is okay separately, like so:

for url in $(cat links.txt); do
timeout 10 lynx -accept_all_cookies "$url"
if [[ $(curl -o /dev/null --silent --head --write-out '%{http_code}
' "$url") -eq "200" ]]; then
echo "Getting $url successful"
echo "Getting $url unsuccessful"

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