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All, (again)

I am trying to make a live USB for multiple linux CDs.

I have made a folder named "linux" on the root of the USB and in it is folders for:

Ubuntu Desktop 13.04 "ubuntu1304"
Ubuntu Server 13.04 "ubuntuserv1304"
Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 "ugnome1304"
Back Track 5 "backtrack5"

The folder name is on the right in quotes.

I am trying to boot from them but I keep getting into a busy box term and I want them to boot into the live environment.

Here is my menu.lst:

default 0
#gfxmenu /NST/GFX-BOOT.GFX (Working GUI menu for after the main system works)

title Windows Menu
find --set-root /bootmgr
chainloader +1

title Ubuntu Desktop 13.04
kernel /linux/ubuntu1304/casper/vmlinuz
initrd /linux/ubuntu1304/casper/initrd.lz

Note I would like the system to be able to boot on more than one computer.

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I have gotten it to work properly now. Here is how to make your own custom Windows/Linux AIO system:

  1. Download YUMI and EasyBCD. (you do not have to register to download just push download)

  2. Use YUMI to install the Windows setup onto the media.

  3. Delete all of the folders from the Windows Installation disk.

  4. Use EasyBCD to install BCD onto the media.

  5. Configure the Windows Boot manager with EasyBCD. E.G. Add Windows PE to the menu

  6. Use YUMI to add all of the linux distros and tools you want (it will set YUMI to boot first on the drive)

  7. You can do all of the custom configurations with the files YUMI created. E.G. Replacing text and a custom logo

  8. (Optional) In EasyBCD add an option to boot (linux) from the thumbdrive. E.G. Go back to linux menu

  9. (Optional) Rename the flash drive and add an autorun file for extra customization.

  10. Remove the flash drive and boot from it (keep it in if you are trying to boot from it on the same computer.


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