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I have put 12.04 onto a USB drive and I am attempting to install Ubuntu this way. I'm using Windows 8 (I upgraded from Windows 7 myself). I don't know what to do when I get to "Installation Type" step during the Ubuntu installation.

I am given a box with 3 things:

dev/sda1 104mb 35mb {windows bootloader?}

dev/sda2 1000000mb unknown {this is my hard drive}

Under the box are the following buttons: New Partition Table, Add, Change and Delete.

And there is another section which says:

Device for bootloader

sda ATA Seagate {this is my hard drive}

sda1 Windows 8 bootloader


I want to dual-boot Windows 8 with Ubuntu without losing any of my Windows partition,
is this possible?

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Your sda1 partition is an EFI partition. Don't erase it or you won't be able to boot Windows any more.

To install Ubuntu:

  1. boot into Windows. Via the Windows partitioning tools, reduce your Windows partition until it becomes, let's say 80GB for example.

  2. Run the Ubuntu installer. It should now propose the "Install alongside" option. If it doesn't, choose the Something else option, and create 2 partitions (root and swap) in the free space, see this page for more info.

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