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I'm trying to locate where the Ubuntu Software Center is to choose as default for handling APT links in Firefox. I can click on the links, and I get the pop-up, but Ubuntu Software Center is not there. I tried to choose an application through Firefox's settings and through the pop-up, but I don't know the path. As you can see by my screen shot for the pop-up I chose the wrong one as that doesn't work. What is the correct path I need to select the correct file?

EDIT - I added a fourth screen shot. I don't have it in that location. This is what I have. My view is in ABC order, and it's showing hidden files.





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TL;DR: You need to locate the /usr/share/software-center/software-center file.

I ran the which command, and it showed it was in /usr/bin/software-center but even showing hidden files it's not there. So I check the link that was there labeled "software-center", and it showed it went to /usr/share/software-center/software-center and it was a Python script. Well I tried to choose that when clicking on a link, and it opened as it should, so I guess that's it, or at least it works. It even shows in Firefox's settings under the Application tab.


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