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It's easy to find the page count of a PDF document from the command line:

pdfinfo sample.pdf | grep ^Pages:

... but I haven't been able to find a similar method for odt files and other office documents.

Is there a way to programmatically determine the page count of these documents?

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Thanks for all the answers, everyone. With your help I was able to compile a list of commands that can extract the page count from almost all relevant office documents:


unzip -p 'sample.docx' docProps/app.xml | grep -oP '(?<=<Pages>).*(?=</Pages>)'

unzip -p 'sample.pptx' docProps/app.xml | grep -oP '(?<=<Slides>).*(?=</Slides>)'

Note: unzip can be installed with sudo apt-get install unzip.


wvSummary sample.doc | grep -oP '(?<=of Pages = )[ A-Za-z0-9]*'

wvSummary sample.ppt | grep -oP '(?<=of Slides = )[ A-Za-z0-9]*'

Note: wvSummary (case-sensitive!) is part of the wv package. Install it with sudo apt-get install wv.


unzip -p sample.odt meta.xml | grep -oP '(?<=page-count=")[ A-Za-z0-9]*'


pdfinfo sample.pdf | grep -oP '(?<=Pages:          )[ A-Za-z0-9]*'

Note: pdfinfo is part of poppler-utils and should come preinstalled on Ubuntu.


djvused -e "n" sample.djvu

Note: djvused is part of the djvulibre-bin package and may be installed with sudo apt-get install djvulibre-bin.

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