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I have chromium web browser open and I don't want it to say Chromium Web Browser in the title bar in unity. It can be blank for any app I have open as well using 12.04

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There's a neat program called wmctrl that allows controlling window properties, including titles.

For instance, run this in terminal:

while [ 1 ]; do wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -T " " ; done

This will set whatever your active window is to the text you specify with -T flag. Thus, any active window, once you bring it up, will get set to blank title. So all you have to do is bring up the application, and there you have it !

You can put that into a script, and make that script a startup application. For more info on how to achieve that, read here

Note, wmctrl isn't default package. you have to install it with sudo apt-get install wmctrl

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