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I am fresh new to Kubuntu.

I was looking a way to move focused window as Windows do (Win key + arrow keys change the layout of the window). I found there are options for this in "Global Keyboard Shortcuts" (in KWin tab). Unfortunately, it seems to not work.

For example, "Move Window Down" is "Meta+Down". I believe the "Meta" key is the Window key on my keyboard, and "Down" the down arrow key. But it does nothing. Even if I change the key for Ctrl+Shift+K (I apply the settings each time).

Is the feature broken? Is there another way to do it in Kubuntu (without installing another software).

My Kubuntu version is 13.04 and my keyboard a Logitech k350 (I also tried with the virtual keyboard Kvkbd without any luck).

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I have similar issue after upgrading to KDE 4.10.2. I'm not sure what's the cause, try this workaround:

  setxkbmap us

Where "us" would be the short name of layout. In case your're using more variants you can specify it as an extra argument:

   setxkbmap cz -variant "qwerty"

To check possible options see:

   man xkeyboard-config


Creating a fresh new user account solved that issue for me. I've tried before that

   mv ~/.kde ~/.kde-tmp
rm -rf /var/tmp/kdecache-{username}
rm ~/.ICEauthority
sudo cp /home/new_account/.Xauthority /home/user/.Xauthority
chown user .Xauthority

none of that helps. In my case the problem was also that I wasn't able to display System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Service manager. Obviously some crucial part of KDE crashed and many dependent services stopped working.

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