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I'm using Ubuntu/Samba and I seek for an explanation how to:

  • put password protection access to computer, not on single directories

  • list all directories that I share, and not search them manually

I always put directories to permit guests, because when I don't do that when I try access it says invalid permissions. I can't even use my root/user password combination to access.

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After not being too lazy, I found what I needed. These are probably basic things for advanced users:

  • I couldn't access protected shares with my root username/password because I didn't add that user to samba system (it seems that it doesn't take automatically ubuntu users, and its user/pass system exists by its own which is a good thing). To add a user just use smbpasswd -a [USERNAME] and then type the new password.

  • For listing all local shares and their paths just access /var/lib/samba/usershares folder and there you have all configuration files for every single shared directory. Inside the file you have fields path (with the path to your local directory) and guest_ok (y/n type to permit guests) which you can edit manually.

I will not lock this topic yet, waiting for improvements from other users (if there's anyone who will read this). I just wrote this answer to help some other lost noob like me ;)

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