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I have this script in a *.sh file to enable natural scrolling. I've added it to Startup Application.

xinput set-prop 11 268 -106 -106
nautilus -q && nautilus -n

The problem is, whenever I login, the last command (nautilus -n) won't run -which is annoying because I can't use the Super button to open Dash- and I have to run nautilus manually. What's wrong?


I have tested my script above on terminal line-by-line, and it works fine. The problems only appear when I run it from .sh file.

nautilus -q && touch $HOME/Desktop/reported-success.txt give me the txt file,

and the result of nautilus -q && nautilus -n &> $HOME/nautilus-output.log is :

Initializing nautilus-open-terminal extension
Initializing nautilus-image-converter extension
Initializing nautilus-dropbox 1.4.0

More From » 12.10


End the script with a linefeed/enter character or an empty line

or else the last command won't be executed.

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