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I am purchasing a Lenovo T530.I want to replace windows with Ubuntu 13.04.I contacted Lenovo customer support and asked if they offered one with out an operating system.I was told no and there was no way of removing windows.Is this true? IS there a way? Or am I forced to dual boot until my T530 is out of warranty?I know there are great makers out there that build machines to run Ubuntu.But.I have thinkpads dating back to 1999 and all run Ubuntu flawlessly.I want to keep with tradition.I have been a loyal Ubuntuer since Lucid.And have never turned back. I simply detest windows,so any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you! And thank you for The GREAT O.S.


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Some jurisdictions will enable you to get a refund for the Window you are not using.

Aside from this, some manufacturers can be a bit of a problem in terms of support. Their support telephone operator scripts, etc, depend on Windows to work. Some will deny you support on the grounds that you installed an OS other than that supplied (although I'd be surprised if Lenovo was one of these).

That said, the T530 is certified "Enabled for Ubuntu"

Intel graphics controllers work well in Linux, as their drivers are both written by the manufacturer, and open-source as well.

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