Thursday, September 21, 2023
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I'm attempting to boot a 64bit Ubuntu 12.10 live USB on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

I do not want to Dual Boot.

I have disabled "secure boot". I have a live USB that can sucsessfully boot on another machine.

When I boot, i can get to the grub menu. However, when I select any of the options, "Try ubuntu without installing" for example, i get a dark screen and the OS doesn't boot. My only option at that point is to power off.

Has anyone else had this issue? I've researched everywhere I can think of. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanks for the help.

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I discovered a solution to my particular issue:

The Surface Pro has 3 ways of booting to a USB:

  1. Accessing the "Advanced Startup" menu in Windows 8

  2. Holding SHIFT while booting/re-booting (this takes you to the same place as #1)

  3. Holding the Down Volume button while booting (boots directly to the USB)

The first two options allow me to get to the grub menu but then freeze when I make one of the selections (see my original post above). However, if I power down the device then boot while holding the Volume Down button (on the side of the Surface Pro) I am able to progress past the grub menu and boot successfully to the OS.

So, for anyone interested, my successful process from start to finish was this:

  1. Create a Live USB with Ubuntu 12.10

  2. From a powered-down state, hold UP volume key and power on

  3. In the resulting menu disable Secure Boot and then exit

  4. Power on the device, plug in the USB and then power down

  5. Power on again while holding the Volume Down button and then proceed through boot process

Hope someone finds this useful and thanks again to those who offered help.

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