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man page for wget says

Wget - The non-interactive network downloader.

Wget is non-interactive, meaning that it can work in the background,
while the user is not logged on. This allows you to start a retrieval
and disconnect from the system, letting Wget finish the work. By
contrast, most of the Web browsers require constant user's presence,
which can be a great hindrance when transferring a lot of data.

wget is an example of non-interactive program I know. Now my question is,

  • How can wget be used without user logged on?

  • How does non-interactive programs work?

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How can wget be used without user logged on?

By including the wget command in a daemon/service or a program where you as a user do no initiate the download.

How does non-interactive programs work?

When you create a deamon and have this daemon active it can continue to probe a server and ask for a download. If the servers is dead the non-interactive program will continue when the server is back up without any need for the user to act.

Updating Ubuntu, for instance, can be done without any action from a user and even without logging in.

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