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I often have to do some work from home, so I connect via VPN and RPD to my Workplace!

Unfortunately with Remmina I can´t get AltGr-Shortcuts working, it doesn´t show TextCursor in Editors and the Performance is also not very well which is really annoying when you have to work a few hours with it!

So does anyone know a better RDP-Client for Linux it doesn´t have to be OpenSource or Free, I'm willing to pay for a good RPD-Client!

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Try freeRDP ( which is wrapped by Remmina and provides all the actual functionality. I got the same problem as you. And got my problem solved in freeRDP. It's very easy to use: xfreerdp -d [domain] -u [user name] -p [password] -f [ip], while -f means full screen.

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