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Has there been any news from the maintainers of Ubuntu packaging of Ruby as to whether they'll be releasing a package for Ruby 2.0? If so, have they indicated whether they'll be releasing any packages for Ruby 2.0 on 12.04?

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Ubuntu has Stable Release Updates Policy which basically disallow importing new versions into stable releases. So it's not possible to have official Ruby 2.0 packages in the Ubuntu 12.04, because it could introduce new bugs, regressions, etc. So you will have to rely on some future-to-be PPA.

Just to clarify whole process, how does a package enter Ubuntu. Because Ruby 2.0 is not even packaged yet.

The usual release process of Ubuntu is to wait for packages to appear in Debian first and import them from there.

That said the Debian is frozen right now and next stable release should be released soon, so not much progress is happening. But... there's already ITP (Intent to Package) bug for ruby2.0, which means that Ruby packagers are already working on that. You can track the progress in the git:// repository, and even help.

The sooner the ruby2.0 appears in Debian, the sooner it will be in next Ubuntu, but it won't be backported automatically to already released versions of Ubuntu.

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