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every minute a google-chrome pages is open with this url

Where the token is my authentication token..

This is my ps aux result after killing chrome (otherwise i would have tons of chrome opened..)

I have ubuntu 12.10.

Any Idea?

EDIT: if I change firefox as default browser the page is opened with firefox

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It is next to impossbile to determine if you have a virus from that information. However some key points:

1, You are using a Linux based system which isn't usually a target for virus writters. It's small market share doesn't warrent the effort.

2, I would check if chrome has any applications installed in it that you do not know about.

3, I would start disabling applications like Gwibber to determine which is trying let you know about facebook. Chances are some bug in a social application is causing this. I don't know if Unity has a lens for this or not.

4, Try switching default browsers to see if its chrome that has the problem or a system level problem.

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