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I am writing a script that could take any type of presentation and export the slides to a PDF, but if any of the slides are hidden they are not exported to the PDF. Is it possible to export all the slides in the presentation to a PDF hidden or not? Is there an option I need to enable to do this or is it just not possible?

I've found the option in the GUI, its called Export Hidden Pages, how would I configure this to be done when using a command like:

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf somePresentation.ppt

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Move to Apache OpenOffice, then use unoconv to export to PDF and this will then be able to export PPT to PDF and include the hidden slides. To install Apache OpenOffice follow these instructions. Then grab unoconv from its git repository as in the ubuntu software repos it requires libreoffice and the two can't be installed simultaneously.

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